Virtual reality and the Gaming world

We all know what the gaming world is today and what it was decades ago! Well, one thing that is surely going to elevate the gaming levels further is the Virtual Reality. Virtual reality isn’t a very new concept. It was there on papers few years ago, many scientists had written researches and its articles. Then why do you see so much hype now? We understand your question and we try to solve it as much as possible.

Let’s consider the regular games, even 3D that are available now. Today’s game is certainly good for today, but tomorrow is going to see the best, that’s how the gaming industry is growing. The vast technological evolution is changing the way games are played and are foreseen. For those new comers to the gaming world, we shall tell you what Virtual reality is! Virtual Reality is a term that isvery simple in its meaning. Virtual means that doesn’t exist in reality, but exists in imaginary worldand Reality means that actually exists in real world. So clubbing together-making the non-existing things to seem like existence in the virtual world. So how would it be like, that you are playing and experiencing all that you can’t do here, in reality? Virtual reality concept was created mainly to give gaming a completely out of the world experience.

How does virtual reality work?

Well, we have heard in term Virtual reality quite a number of times, but do we know how it works really? Common read further and be aware of the latest trending technology in the gaming world, and try to get immersed. The environment in which the virtual reality technology is applied is called the Virtual Environment VE that is you exist virtually in VE. So, for you to get that lifetime, large than life experience, there is one factor very much responsible, Immersion. Immersion refers to the extent you are involved, immersed in the VE world.
When you are able to interact in the outer VE world, completely immersed, then this combination is referred as telepresence. It means, you become totally immersed in the virtual world, that you become totally unaware of the physical environment that you actually exist. There are 2 components again responsible for giving you that immersed feeling, the depth of information and the breadth. Depth of information refers to the quality of the signal received by the user while interacting, and the amount of data, that is the display, the graphics part. Breadth of info refers to the sensory things that are present within the virtual world.

Did you get to learn something? Well, that was much of technical terms. For those not so tech oriented, but still interested, we shall tell you in some simple terms, quick. For you to experience the real, virtual world experience, fully, you must be completely involved in the virtual world. That means, you shouldn’t experience anything that is happening in the outside world, you would be interacting and playing in the virtual world.  So, here the VR devices take a huge role, to help you experience all that gaming in a different world. You would feel as if you are into that world, fighting, playing the role of your game, real.


How is virtual reality applied to the games or gaming world?

Currently the 3D games itself would be giving you a life size gaming experience. Can you imagine more of it now? Yes, virtual reality offers an experience for more than 3D. You will feel as if you are living in that gaming world, be it an adventurous one or a deserted space.  The devices are so well crafted to give you an outer world experience, no compromises in that. Can you imagine, you riding on an aircraft and you get dashed by an enemy, and you feeling all the jerk and movements, in real, but actually not existing?? That’s amazing; no words in real can express that feel. Such is the technology in gaming. Just with an eye gear and few button movements, you are ready to take on the world, play till your heart’s desire, and experience the most thrilling games, the worst nightmares coming true in few deadly games. For those who love thrills, this VR is definitely a game changer in the gaming world.


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